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Now more than ever people are flocking to the internet via social media or online review sites to voice their concerns or opinions about situations that displease them.  Indeed this can be a good thing, especially when shady businesses or unscrupulous business people are legitimately being called out. However, what happens when the consumer advocates who are trying to warn others go too far by employing a poor choice of words or allowing their emotions to get the best of them? Let's just say that the repercussions can include unnecessary frustration, heartache, and astronomical legal bills.


This short course discusses a real life situation where a couple bashed their wedding photographer online and elsewhere over a $125 fee and ended up with a $1 Million jury award against them. 

In addition to providing you with a real life example of a not so pleasant situation that could happen to anyone, you will ALSO RECEIVE four (4) TIPS to help prevent the same thing from happening to you.


Anyone using the internet! If you are on the internet and are inclined to voice your opinion or otherwise might rant or write a review about a situation that you feel is unjust, you can't afford to miss this! 

Course Completion Certificates Available Upon Request.

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Business & Internet Lawyer | Law Professor | Entrepreneur | Motivator | Speaker Anette Beebe

I left the fourth grade years ago believing that when I grew up I wanted to be an educator. When I first started college I still wanted to be a educator. However, by chance, my career path changed over time and turned towards the legal field. My formal education is coupled with over two decades of experience in the private practice legal field both in private practice and in-house for a popular dot com that hosted user generated content as a business model. Based upon my years of experience in the business and internet law world, and seeing a real need for education regarding internet use and repercussions from the same, I became motivated to turn my attention back towards teaching by sharing my knowledge with others through becoming adjunct faculty at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University and speaking engagements via online courses and in-person events for teens and adults/businesses alike.  A little proactive education could go a long way towards saving frustration and heartache in the future. Remember, "Fighting Fair on the Internet" is a real talent.

Course curriculum

    1. Defamation: When Consumer Advocacy Goes Too Far - Photographer vs Newlyweds

    1. Take Away - Four General Tips for Helping Avoid Defamation Claims Under These Circumstances

    1. Article - They trashed their wedding photographer over a $125 fee, so a jury told them to pay her $1 million - The Washington Post

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Love the relevant topic and that it is current news!

Love the relevant topic and that it is current news!

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